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Everyone makes money decisions every day. Even as you read this book, I can bet that you are making a money decision – how much food to buy, tuition, transport, internet bundle, airtime, mortgage, etc. What would you do with $700 billion if it was given to you today? Do you have the capacity to manage it judiciously, retain and grow it without wasting it? Too many people will destroy themselves with such an opportunity. Why? They have not developed the capacity to handle such wealth. God will not give you what you cannot handle. Even nature abhors waste. This is why even people who win a lottery of $100,000,000 end up broke after a relatively short period. Muscle growing and toning is essential for all athletes. To carry extraordinary weights, one needs to train the muscles to grow in capacity.

The more the muscle capacity, the more one can carry without flopping. You may be wondering ‘What has muscle got to do with money?’ Everyone has some muscles already. In fact according to your gender, we all have exactly the same number of muscles – it doesn’t matter the age or body size! The only difference is that the strength of your muscle is determined by the weight of your body. This is remarkable. This is the same with money. We all have the potential to be wealthy. The more we grow capacity to manage more money, the more financial stability we gain and the wealthier we become. Imagine what would happen if a house is designed as a bungalow and the foundation of the house is proportionate to the original building. However, two more story-structures are added to it – like an afterthought. The house would most certainly collapse. The reason is quite simple – the house does not have capacity to carry more than it was designed to. If you want to add more stories to the building, you have to demolish the entire structure and dig a new foundation. This is termed capacity. In money matters, you need capacity, you need strong muscles. You have to increase your money muscle to carry more money. It would lead to financial suicide if one is given more money than s/he has capacity to manage. Developing your capacity to handle great wealth is the essence of this book – Money Muscles. Money muscles are solid principles upon which wealth management and creation is insured for several generations. Every incredibly successful and wealthy person you know today has been through the boring, mundane, time-tested process that eventually brings success.

So, stop looking for “quick hacks” that bring faster results. Take your time to build your money muscle. You will soon realize that the more they grow, the more money you have. It is as simple as that. Muscles grow through exercise. If you don’t exercise your muscles they won’t grow. So you have to take each chapter in this book like a workout session, one session after another. Keep exercising your money muscles (mentally) and they keep growing. The more they grow, the more money you are capable of creating and keeping. Get ready, let’s get on the workout sessions!


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